Pediatric Chiropractic Treatment in Austin and Cedar Park

Dr. Swanson is one of the most sought after pediatric chiropractors in the Austin area serving the communities of Cedar Park, Round Rock, Bee Cave and surrounding areas.

Dr. Swanson has treated patients/infants one day old and up. The adjustments provided to infants and young children at our Austin and Cedar Park Pediatric Chiropractic Clinic allow the body to heal itself and limit the dependence on medication. The pressure of an adjustment is specific, gentle and involves fingertip pressure to remove nerve interference. Significantly more pressure is utilized during the delivery process of the baby than the chiropractic adjustments. We will work with together with your Pediatrician, and often receive referrals for co-treatment.

Common conditions for Pediatric Chiropractic Treatment * that respond well to chiropractic care:

(*Note that chiropractic care is only focused at removing any nerve interference and not the direct treatment of any disease itself)

Otitis Media (middle ear infection) “Chiropractic Care for Otitis Media: Clinical Rationale, State of Research and Treatment Protocols.”
Colic/Acid Reflux (click to view research and case studies)
Nasal/Sinus congestion
Bed wetting / incontinence
And many more…

Our patients come from all over the Austin, TX region to bring their families to one of the top chiropractors serving the communities of Cedar Park, Round Rock, Bee Cave and surrounding areas.


“I have a newborn baby and he was suffering with Acid Reflux pretty bad. He would arch his little back and scream crying for weeks, then I got referred to Dr. Swanson and after a few visits my baby no longer suffers with Acid Reflux!!! I would have never thought about chiropractor care for something like this. I am so extremely grateful and highly recommend Dr Swanson, he really knows what he is doing!!”

Yelp Review Kendra W. 9/29/2014

“My 3 month old son was experiencing reflux, excessive spitting up, and constipation issues for which I had seen my pediatrician and was prescribed medication. When the medication did not seem to help, I contacted Dr Swanson. I saw immediate improvements the first week we saw him and my son continues to improve with each visit! He is already sleeping better, spits up less, and is no longer constipated! Dr. Swanson is gentle with my son and I have complete confidence that I will continue to see improvements! My friends and family have also noticed a difference in my son’s temperament which only continues to support the fact that this treatment is helping.”

Yelp Review Karen W. 5/15/2013

This place was just what we needed. My nine year old son was having daily headaches. After seeing a dentist, optometrist, ophthalmologist and an allergist, we started at Cedar Park Chiropractic. They took a personal interest in my son. They are so nice, and the whole atmosphere is comfortable. My son loves going and he knows it was making him better. The headaches have been minimized greatly and are almost completely gone. The office has convenient hours and worked well with my insurance. I typically don’t wait at all. They were the answer to our prayers for guidance on how to treat my son for sure! I will recommend them to anyone!

Yelp Review Erin A. 8/24/2009