Boost your immune function and stay healthy

With the cold and flu season in full swing what can you do to boost your immune function and stay healthy? With the flu vaccine being less that 10% effective there are other ways to help improve your resistance.

Colostrum exists as one of the strongest immune-boosting substances in world. This potent form of breast milk delivers a vital immune system boost to newborn babies in the first 72 hours of life. The potency stems from a specific ingredient called IgA (ImmunoGlobulin A). Increased IgA in the blood and lymph tissue boosts immunity throughout the entire body. The body fends off infections with ease with the presence of increased levels of IgA.

Spinal adjustive care to the rescue

Proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep all positively influence adequate IgA levels. The health and condition of the spine also plays a direct role on immunity. A study from 2011 proved that spinal adjustive care increases IgA levels by 139%. The study surveyed these boosted IgA levels in a stressed population of people. Blood measurements were assessed before and after spinal adjustments and compared to a control group determined to be experiencing the same significant stress. Those receiving spinal adjustments experienced an average increase in IgA of 139% compared to the group that did not receive adjustments.

The link between the spine and brain explains the reason for this elevation in the immune system. Chiropractic pursues the improvement of the brain and immune system. Many health care providers associate Chiropractic care as a form of pain assistance, but research continues to prove that spinal adjustments positively impact the entire central nervous system by reducing interference between the brain and spinal cord. Chiropractors and patients have witnessed improved immunity and health for over a century.

Resist the virility of a virus or bacteria

If ten people walked into a room containing the rhinovirus (common cold), not all ten people would develop cold symptoms. The body maintains an incredible ability to resist infections, even when exposed directly to an adverse stimulus. Chiropractic teaches about the body’s ability to resist the virility of a virus or bacteria through proactive immune defense. Other health care providers emphasize the use of chemicals and drugs to assist a weakened body.

Chiropractic accentuates the defense capabilities found in a body strengthened to suit an environment. Adjustments remove interference to the nervous system and allow vital communication and function to flow freely from the brain and other organs. A healthy body produces IgA and other substances that form the body’s natural defense and enable every family member to experience elevated health and vitality.

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