JAMA Network | Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. May 2018

Just a few weeks ago JAMA released a highly anticipated paper which examined the benefits of adding chiropractic care to medical care for low back pain. The findings reinforced the current guidelines indicating chiropractic care as an essential part of an evidence-based multidisciplinary approach to treating low back pain.

With musculoskeletal disorders as the second leading cause of disability worldwide and an increasing public desire for non-pharmacological treatment; spinal manipulation has emerged as a highly effective and low- risk option for patients seeking relief.

Our clinical experience has mirrored what the latest research has showcased; that a collaborative approach to care yields the best patient outcomes.

Adjusted mean differences in scores at week 6 were statistically significant in favor of usual medical care plus chiropractic care compared with usual medical care alone overall for low back intensity, disability, and satisfaction…

 “This trial provides additional support for the inclusion of chiropractic care as a component of multidisciplinary health care for low back pain, as currently recommended in existing guidelines.”

 “Chiropractic care, when added to UMC, resulted in moderate short-term treatment benefits in both LBP intensity and disability, demonstrated a low risk of harms, and led to high patient satisfaction and perceived improvement in active-duty military personnel.”