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We are a referral based practice built upon results over the past 17 years! We do not advertise or have promotions to get you to become a patient.

Our patients are referred by our existing patients, local medical doctors and community leaders that absolutely love the results they have seen with Dr. Swanson.


Welcome!  You have made the right choice.

Our patients come from all over the Austin, TX region to see one of the top chiropractors serving the communities of Cedar Park, Round Rock, Bee Cave and surrounding areas.

Here is what to expect during your first few visits:

First Visit: Dr. Swanson will review your chart to see if your condition is a case that will respond with chiropractic.  If so, he well perform an history, evaluation and x-rays.  If it is not a condition we can help with he will refer you to the appropriate doctor in our referral network.  Typically, he will take the day to review and correlate your history, examination findings, x-rays and prior tests/MRI’s to determine the best course of treatment for you. You should allow 1hour for this initial visit.

Second Visit: Dr. Swanson will go over your diagnosis, x-ray findings and recommendations for care.  Treatment will involve any needed therapy and chiropractic adjustments to help your condition.  If possible, we suggest bringing your spouse to this appointment.  As with any health condition, this will help them understand your diagnosis and how chiropractic help.

Save time and fill out the new patient forms online prior to your initial visit.

New Patient Online Form

Prior to your first visit watch this short video. Get the “Big Idea” of what Chiropractic care can really do for you and your family.

How Are We Different?

We don’t take the “I am the Doctor, you are the Patient” outlook on treatment. When you consult this office you are entering into a partnership. A partnership to better your health and ultimately your life. You will be given recommendations regarding your care that are based on years of experience and evidence based research. We will work WITH you and not merely ON you to reach your health goals!

Within every partnership each partner has responsibilities.

Ours is to provide the best healthcare and advice possible. Your responsibilities include:

  • Asking questions. The better you understand your condition, the faster your recovery.
  • Keeping your appointments. The primary way to achieve the results millions of chiropractic patients have enjoyed is to keep your appointments.
  • Getting involved. Patients who assume personal responsibility for recovering their health often get better results.


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