This year we thought we would share our favorite product recommendations we make to our patients! 

  1.  Chiroflow Water Pillow is our # 1 recommendation.  If you wake up with neck or shoulder pain in the morning you need this! It weighs close to 10 lbs. so it stays put through the night!!  *Great for pillow fights too!
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2. The Grid Foam Roller by Trigger Point Technologies.   This will keep your tight muscle relaxed between your adjustments!


3. Trigger Point Massage Ball  or Lacrosse Balls    These help target specific muscles in the glutes, hips, shoulder or where ever you are sore!  It encourages blood and oxygen flow to enhance overall movement, range of motion and performance.

trigger point

4. Theracane is another great tool for keeping the muscle relaxed to make your chiropractic adjustments more effective!  


5. CBD Oil is great if you are looking for reduction in pain, inflammation, anxiety or help with sleep!  Available in the office or online at

A sad fact is over 100,000 people are hospitalized and 16,500 die every year from taking NSAIDS.  It’s time to stop the daily Advil, Aleve and Celebrex!

PURE INNATE 3 bottles